Monday, March 16, 2020


As of MARCH 21 2020

Due to the COVID-19 virus we are concerned about the health and safety of all who enter our doors, therefore, all activities at this location are cancelled and the building is closed until further notice.

We will monitor and adjust according to the ongoing recommendations and mandates of Ontario Health officials, all levels of Government and The United Church of Canada.

Messages can be left at the church office 416-783-6503, which will be regularly monitored.

Our minister, Rev Carol can be reached at 905-717-6594 (Text & FaceTime)
Instagram @baggett7980
messenger at Carol Baggett

or write to her at the following address.

Asbury and West United Church
3180 Bathurst St.,
Toronto, ON  M6A 2A9

It will be our pleasure to welcome you back when we are able. In the meantime, be safe and look after one another.

Blessings to you all.

Minister and Council of

Asbury and West United Church


Asbury and West at this time will be open for Worship service and Sunday School starting at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday March 15th.  Although Rev. Carol  will not be with you tomorrow, our Filipino community is leading the worship and members of our Council will be in attendance to answer any questions or concerns that  you might have.  

Please be assured we are aware of the COVID-19 issue and are making the best informed decisions for our church.  We are closely following the information from the health experts, plans established by the City of Toronto and the United Church of Canada. The leadership of the church will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions regarding activities at Asbury and West.  You will be kept informed. 

There are precautions that have been put in place concerning COVID-19:
1.    In order to maintain a cautious social distance there is no need for hand shaking when we greet each other.  There will be no traditional Passing of the Peace.
2.    Although we are small in numbers (less than a gathering of 200-250) we can create a cautious social distance by sitting throughout the church.  Make use of all the rows.
3.    Offering plates will be placed at the front of the church rather than passed. 
4.    Refreshment time following service will be making use of disposable beverage cups for tea, coffee and juice.  No food will be served.  Members preparing will observe safe hand washing.
5.    Washrooms are fully stocked with hand soap and paper towels.  Safe hand washing instructions are posted. 
6.    Hand sanitizer is located throughout the narthex(lobby), in the serverie and the meeting room.  To quote the experts "Hand washing should always be your first choice.  Hand washing is better than hand sanitizer."

Of course, each of you must make decisions for yourselves and your families about attending any public events during this time.  If you decide not to attend worship, please contact the church office 416 783 6503 or Rev. Carol 905 717 6594.

Please, be assured that Council and Worship ministries will continue to monitor this situation and we always welcome your suggestions.  

We would appreciate if you will pass this information along to anyone connected to Asbury and West.

Blessings to you all,
Minister : Rev. Carol
Council Chair: Jocelyn Shewalter

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